Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Young Jezzy Appoints Bigga Rankin VP of CTE and Head A & R

Young Jezzy appoints Bigga Rankin the Vice President of CTE and the Head A&R for the record label based out of Atlanta, GA. Bigga Rankin has over 20 years of experience and brings a plethora of knowledge to this label. Being known as the underground artist's favorite DJ, through his mixtape series RNR Bigga Rankin has been a influence in many careers, including but not limited to: Young Jeezy, Papa Duck, Gucci Mane, Lil KeKe, Blood Raw’s , Plies, Yo Gotti, Trae, Rick Ross, Lil Boosie Strong Family Ent artist Swazy Baby and Montana White, Strong Family Ent A & R.

In addition to Bigga Rankin being know world wide for his RNR Mixtape series he is also associated with some the strongest DJ Coalitions in the World, as VP of the Hittmenn DJs, President of Slip-N-Slide Streets, CORE DJ member, RNR CEO, and several other affiliations, Bigga holds a lot of power in his hands. Due to his wonderful ear for music Bigga Rankin has been able to prove himself as a heavy hitting A & R which has lead to him being honored and presented with several awards including Diamond Awards Entertainer of the Decade (2000), Upstart Record Pool’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2001), TJs DJs Tastemaker Award (2003), Seagram’s Gin DJ of the Year (2004), Hood Magazine’s On-The-Grind Award (2005), Florida Entertainment Summit’s Record Breaker of the Year (2005), and TJs DJs Hustler Award (April, 2006). He’s graced the cover of OZONE Magazine twice, and has also appeared in The Source Magazine, Hood Magazine, The Hole, and several other publications.

As you look at all the things Bigga Rankin has accomplished it is no wonder that Young Jezzy would select this Florida based DJ/Entrepreneur to be the Vice President and Head up his A & R for C.T.E.


Chicago rapper Twista and a group of rappers will hit the road for a series to perform on The Stimulus Tour, a series of affordable concerts and speaking engagements at youth centers.

In November, Twista, Playaz Circle, Durrough and Mullage will hit the road to visit youth centers in each city on the tour to talk to the children about making wise decisions with their lives and to pursue higher education.

“The economy isn’t the only thing hurting right now,” Twista said. “The kids are going through some things right now, too, and so we need to get out there and talk to them so we can help them out. That’s what the point of the Stimulus tour is right now.”

Twista and company plan to visit Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Indianapolis, Saginaw, Sioux City, Iowa, Columbus, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri.

Children in each city that attend the discussion at the youth centers will be provided free tickets to the show in their city.

“These kids just need someone to really sit down with them and explain to them how things really are,” Twista said. “And there’s no reason that person shouldn’t be me so I’m going to make sure I can do that for all the kids I possibly can.”
Tentative dates are listed below: If are interested in booking the tour in your market or an After-Party for one of the artist's on the tour while they are in your market and for availability and pricing please feel free to contact Miss J (513) 497-8433

November 26th Minneapolis, MN.
November 27th Cincinnati, OH.
November 28th Charlotte, NC.
December 3rd Detroit, MI.
December 4th Indianapolis, IN.
December 5th Saginaw, MI.
December 11th Sioux City, Iowa
December 12th Columbus, Missouri
December 13th Kansas City Missouri