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Zonnique (a.k.a. Star), Lourdes (a.k.a. Lolo), Reginae (a.k.a. Baby Carter) and Basha (a.k.a. Beauty)



Brea' J.

Trina "The Baddest B*tch"


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The Winner of I Want To Work For Diddy 2: Ebony Jones

Written by: Brea’ Reliford

Street Fame: What inspired you to want to work for Diddy? Most people aren't as brave as you. He intimidates a lot of folks.

Ebony Jones: I’ve followed Bad Boy since I was a young girl. I’ve followed all the artists and the growth of the brand. It has always been my dream to be apart of something bigger than me. Bad Boy and Mr. Combs is that something for me.

Street Fame: Since the departure from your teaching career, how has things changed?

Ebony Jones: My life is totally different! Teaching was safe for me. Now I am truly forced to operate outside my safe box. I am living my dream but it is a lot of work!!!

Street Fame: Were you embarrassed that the school, your family, and your church watched the show?

Ebony Jones: I was in no way embarrassed but naturally I want to protect my family. I feel in no way did I compromise my integrity or misrepresent so to everyone else, I just say "don't judge me." LOL. My mom laughs when I say that. She is very traditional and dislikes my tattoos, my football, and my sometimes aggressive choice of words; but she believes in me.

Street Fame: Do you feel like your looked at any different now that your past has been revealed?

Ebony Jones: Surprisingly enough, no! I have a relationship with Christ that forgives and moves on. My story is complex but it’s from an honest place and people see that. The things that have evolved from the show are bigger than me. I am real. I went to the show because I had a dream. This is what real hustling looks like!!!

Street Fame: How were you able to set yourself apart from the other cast members? What put you in the lead?

Ebony Jones: I believe a lot of the other cast set out to portray themselves a certain way and with cameras on you 18 hrs a day its hard to be that all the time if that's not who you really are. I believe no mistakes were made in picking the winner. Yes, anyone in the house could have got the job. Everyone individually had their own accomplishments that deemed them worthy; but, I was the best fit.

Street Fame: Do you see yourself working with any of the cast members in the near future?

Ebony Jones: I enjoyed Dalen. His creativity and style are impeccable. I would love to work with him in the future. He is great!

Street Fame: Was this experience the most intimidating you've ever had?

Ebony Jones: This entire experience was challenging and it pushed me but I'm never intimidated. Meeting Mr. Combs and the very accomplished panel of judges I was humbled. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who has earned what they have through hard work. I am better today because of the experience.

Street Fame: How were you able to deal with someone being in charge of you? You’re an adult yourself. Was it difficult playing that position?

Ebony Jones: For me it was hard taking direction from other cast members. Life experience has taught me unless you are the boss of your self; you are going to have to answer to someone. I’ve learned that respect, long-suffering, and forgiveness are the tools I use when I feel offended or disrespected, because there were times I felt disrespected! I know who I am and I know people who abuse their authority to demoralize others have bigger issues than me.

Street Fame: What advice can you give to future cast members? What should be their strengths?

Ebony Jones: Future cast members, the biggest advice I give is be yourself!!! Be genuine, be creative, and be a team player.

Street Fame: Now that you've achieved the title as the winner of I Want to Work for Diddy 2, is there anything you wish you could go back and change?

Ebony Jones: I wouldn't change a thing! My story defines me.

Street Fame: What is your goal?

Ebony Jones: My goal is to pursue my life's dream. First and foremost I am going to Bad Boy to work hard!!!! LOL. I will share my story in depth with the world. I want to go into schools, shelters; colleges, youth groups, and any other platform to make sure my people are informed and aware. This isn't the finish line for me.

Street Fame: Do you currently have a management team or booking agent?

Ebony Jones: Yes but not exclusive.

Street Fame: Are you looking to get booked for any appearances or speaking engagements in the near future?

Ebony Jones: I am wide open for appearances and speaking engagements.

Street Fame: So what can we expect from you this year? Any sponsorships, endorsement deals, book writing, etc?

Ebony Jones: In 2010 I am focusing on going to Bad Boy and making an impression. I will work hard and tirelessly. But this isn't the last you've heard of me!!!

Backup Vocalist: DeeDee Foster

by: Brea’ Reliford

Credits of Dee Dee Foster: Backup Singer for Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Jessica Simpson, and Anastacia

Street Fame: You are originally from Cincinnati and now reside in California. What led you to your relocation? How has it been of benefit to your career?

Dee Dee Foster: Well, after I graduated from college, I attended Central State University, in Ohio. I was determined to pursue my singing career professionally, and I felt like Los Angeles would be a great move. Actually, I was thinking of either Atlanta or Los Angeles, but I got this crazy phone call from some of my college friends who had graduated prior to me. My frat brother Shaun had moved to L.A. He knew me from college and singing with the choir, etc. and he told me I should come to L.A. he was out there trying to do his acting thing, he was like, "you should get out here sis, I can introduce you to some people, it's cracking." So I decided to check out some flights out there just to see what the price ranges were, it was during the summer so I knew the flights would be high. I went to this travel agent to see what was up, I was purchasing another flight to visit one of my sorors in St. Louis, I'm a member of Delta Sigma Theta. Anyway, after the lady got my flight to St. Louis, I asked her to just see how the flights to L. A. were looking. She looked at the computer and her jaw dropped, she said, "oh my goodness, I see a flight, roundtrip, out of Cincinnati, to Los Angeles for $150!" Now if you are familiar with flying out of Cincinnati, that doesn't happen, most of the time we are trying to find flights out of the surrounding cities, never directly out of CINCINNATI. I just looked at the agent and said, "I'm supposed to go to Los Angeles." She told me that she knew it was a mistake in the computer but had to give it to me because it was listed at that price. Needless to say I booked the flight. I had planned on visiting, but after being there for 2 wks, got my first background singing job with a major artist, and as they say, "the rest is history." I'm so thankful to God I booked that flight... LOL

Street Fame: Before relocating to California, did you feel that Cincinnati had a limit on what your career could possibly prosper to? How were you able to reach other markets outside of your hometown?

Dee Dee Foster: Aw, man, heck yeah! I mean I love Cincinnati, it's my hometown, and I love it, the Skyline Chili, Graeter's Ice Cream and Frisch's, LOL. But, yeah, I think, no, I KNOW, relocating helped me out. I just thought it was a no brainer. I mean Hollywood is like the entertainment capital, per se. I mean everything is there: music, television, everybody is in the business in Hollywood! I know New York is cool as well, but I needed the sunshine, I was "so over" the snow. LOL. Being in L.A. has helped me to reach a lot of other marks because of the work I have gotten. Being a professional background singer has allowed me the opportunity to travel all over the United States, and many other countries.

Street Fame: You've toured with several popular artists in the past. Not to mention, you've shared the stage with Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Anastacia, Jessica Simpson, and Mary J Blige. How were you able to become a back up singer for such artists? What was the experience like?

Dee Dee Foster: Actually, when I came to L. A. my immediate goal was to be a professional backing singer. I believe if you set your goals, with determination, you will attain them. I realize that just like anywhere else in the world the music business seems small once you get in. When I first got to L.A. my friend introduced me to one of my sorority sisters, Lashana, and she had been singing background for different artists. I called her, she told me she heard of an audition for this new artist and gave me the information. She hadn't heard me sing yet, so she said don't tell them who sent me, (just in case I was whacked) just go to the audition. I really wanted to go so that I can see how auditions are run, so that when I move to L.A. I would know what to expect. So this first audition was intended for research. LOL So I go to my very first audition in L.A. oh my goodness, I was soooo nervous, it was a line of girls outside of the room. When my time came to go in, I had prepared a popular song to sing the night before, but I was so nervous, I wanted to sing something I was familiar with. So I asked them would they mind if I sang a gospel song. I sang, "He Cares” by Milton Bronson. After I sang, the artist asked me if I knew a certain song by Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and she said, "If you sing this song, I will give you the job." I was very nervous, because I only knew the words to one of Vanessa's songs, "You bring Out the Best in Me," and I knew that couldn't be what she was talking about. Come to find out, by the grace of God, that WAS the song. She stated she loved the bridge and if I could do that riff she does, I could have the job. Well, I did it, and she told the Musical Director to put a zillion stars by my name.

The next day they called me and confirmed that I had the job, put me in a hotel, and I started rehearsing with them. The other jobs over the years would just come by word of mouth. You can get referred by another backing vocalist, or the Musical Director will give you a call. Getting jobs is kind of like a 'snowball effect,' you may do a job; someone likes what you do, and refer you or pass your name on, etc. That's why you always have to be professional and present your best; you never know whose watching. That background singer, who's standing next to you at a gig, may be able to hook you up on an even bigger gig. Don't take anyone for granted!

Street Fame: Do you enjoy the role of a back up singer? Or are you more interested in performing as a solo artist?

Dee Dee Foster: I love singing background for different artists, especially if they can really sing. Like that, "Jennifer Hudson," oooh that girl can sang! Having a career as a solo artist is really what I wanted to ultimately do. Being a solo artist is like opening up your own business, being an entrepreneur. "You" are the product you are selling, and I think everyone would ultimately like to have their own business. I sure do... LOL

Street Fame: After listening to your music, I am very impressed. Your family, I've heard your voice numerous times but it still sends a chill over me. You have a beautiful voice and your sound is very distinct. Do you agree? Or would you compare yourself to another Pop artist?

Dee Dee Foster: Well, thanks little cousin... LOL Um well, I think that I have a unique sounding voice, and from what others say, they seem to agree. I can't really compare myself or my music to another artist yet, hmm, naw, I think I'm unique. LOL

Street Fame: So what can we expect from you this year? Are you releasing any new projects or going on tour with any artists? Any modeling?

Dee Dee Foster: Well, this project was just released Jan 2010, so I'm going to promote, "The DeeDee Foster EP" this year. Although, being an independent artist is extremely rewarding, it is not lucrative financially, so I may tour with Jennifer Hudson this year, if she goes out. Modeling? I hadn't thought of modeling, maybe I will try my hand in that. LOL

Street Fame: I listened to your EP...very versatile! My favorite of all is "Best That I Can". It gives me motivation to move forward no matter what trials or tribulations come forth. I also love "Safe", it gives me strength to not feel alone or afraid on this journey. Which of your records are most meaningful to you? Why?

Dee Dee Foster: Thank you. Yeah, most of my writing was a result of losing my mother. When my mom died she was the most important person in my life, and I just really got into my music and writing in order to release some pain, and try to encourage myself. I have major faith in God and if it hadn't been for Him I don't know what I would have done. "Best That I Can" is talking just about that, doing the the best that you can, but realizing that God has the "master plan." "Safe" is talking about being safe in the arms of Jesus. Both songs are fan favorites, and I still put them on from time to time to minister to myself. I love, "It's Up to You" as well. It just let's you know that life is what YOU make it, it motivates me, and it's a great song to work out to also, it rocks!

Street Fame: Has the success of your career implanted any complications within your family and marriage life? What happens when you’re on the road? You have two sons, do they come along?

Dee Dee Foster: Yes, I have two wonderful babies that are the joy of my life. A 3yr.old and a 4 mth old. The last time I toured was this past spring and summer, with Jennifer Hudson, and Robin Thicke. That was the first time I left my toddler for an extended period of time. It was so hard, I shed many tears. I had just found out I was pregnant, so I did the tour, because my hubby was home and my mother in law, came to town to help with my then, 2 yr old. I haven't toured since the little one has been here, I've just done only one date with Jennifer right after Thanksgiving. I flew in, did the show and then I flew right home the next morning. It was hard, but I needed the rest because he's a newborn. He was fine, they were with their dad, and I have a nanny, and a daycare provider that are very understanding of my career, and the crazy hours. I'm mostly in town now, it's too soon to leave my little one, I'm just home working on my own music, and being a mom, and wife. When I start touring with my own project, the boys will come, because my husband plays in my band as well.

Street Fame: Your husband, JJ Smith, plays the bass guitar. He is currently on tour with Jamie Foxx, correct? He has also shared the stage with promising endeavors. Is it even harder to keep up with him as he is constantly on the road?

Dee Dee Foster: Well, JJ did do the "Blame It" tour, with Jamie Foxx, but now he's doing promo dates with Mary J. Blige. It's really cool being married to someone that does what I do, I understand his schedule and he understands mine. Before the kids it was fun because we would meet each other in different cities, or sometimes we would be on tour together, but having kids has put a little twist on things. My 3 yr old has traveled a lot, my hubby and I once both had a show in Trinidad, and we took him along with us, and brought Aunt Ment, out to take care of him. That was awesome. I need to get the little one his passport, I'm sure he'll be traveling soon too. As for now, JJ is gone a lot more, especially because I'm home with a newborn, but we just do a lot of talking on the webcam. The babies love that, and we try to take advantage of the time we all have together as a family. Like after Christmas we took the boys to Disney Land... great times.

Street Fame: In the near future, are your children going to be taught the ins and outs of this tough industry?

Dee Dee Foster: Oh my goodness yes! We are going to have to prepare them because they more than likely will be involved to some extent. My 3 yr. old is always on the drums or the piano, and he just started saying, "mommy goes to work to sing," and "daddy goes to work to play the bass guitar." Wow, he gets it, and he's seen us on TV numerous times. The 4 month old, may be a singer, the lungs on this kid! Oh my goodness. LOL

Street Fame: What advice can you give to aspiring artist who are seeking the entrance of the entertainment world?

Dee Dee Foster: All I can say is be up on your craft. Meaning practice, practice, practice! You must always be prepared, and "on" at all times. If you're trying to be an artist, look like an artist, act like one, and think like one. You never know who's who, especially in Hollywood. Always be prepared, and never feel threatened are frightened to sing or play at the drop of a dime. I sang in many restaurants, and on the streets, when asked by producers or other artists. Always have a song prepared, that you sing all the time, and just hit it, if asked to sing. Who would have thought another backing vocalist would have helped me get in the door. Always come prepared, and always be early or on time for any call time. You are never above being challenged or tested. I just got tested this past week, ha! I did American Idol Hollywood week. It was indeed a challenge, I had to back up, all 70-something of the contestants, and learn a total of 32 songs in one day. Then upon getting to rehearsal, before the taping, we had to know the songs in several keys, and different arrangements. It was indeed a challenge; fortunately there were two other awesome background singers with me. Nayanna Holly who is super dope, and Judith Hill, who sang backs for Michael Jackson right before he passed. I had to do my thing; I had to retain those songs. It was challenging but extremely fun. Simon's facial expressions are priceless. LOL. Please don't forget to stay humble. Amazingly enough a lot of artists at home or that hasn’t made it yet, are the most arrogant, and a lot of big stars are so humble. You can be confident, and not be arrogant. Remember your attitude determines your altitude. No one wants to work with someone they can't stand, no matter how talented you are.

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Dominic L. Santana : Grown & Sexy

By Brea' Reliford of Street Fame Magazine

Street Fame: Last time I checked you co-starred in “Love For Sale” and was continuing to be starred in the second season of the TV show ”Whittaker Bay” on Fox, what have you been doing since?

Young Gent: Well I actually did a movie called “Bolden” which will be coming out soon which Im proud to be a part of because it is the biggest budgeted majority African American film in history so its going to make a lot of noise when it drops. Also I have just been focusing a lot on what direction im going in and working on my music and talking with major labels trying to come to a good agreement.

Street Fame: You’ve starred in films with Mya, Jason Weaver, Jackie Long, Clifton Powell, and Melyssa Ford, and Big Daddy Kane. What was the experience like?

Young Gent: Well every film you work on has its own unique experience. Working with them all on Love For Sale was mad fun. Everyone is so talented and unique in their own way. The ladies in the film really brought forth serious sex appeal but their talent somehow was able out shine their looks. Everyone was very professional and although we had a lot of fun everyone was very much about their business and when the cameras role you know they know what they are doing and they make it look so easy. I think Mya shocked me the most, our first day working together I had to snatch her up and she has to cry. And they asked if she needed eye drops or anything and she said no shes got handled. They said action and tears went to rolling down her face for real, and im trying to be mean but inside im feeling bad as hell lol. Shes so beautiful and sweet that you just hate to feel like you are the one that made her cry.

Street Fame: Was it anyone in particular that introduced you to the acting field and guided you to the point in which you stand?

Young Gent: I actually dabbled with it in highschool in a drama class I took to get an easy grade but my teacher (Vivian Wade) was very adamant about me taking her seriously. So I did after she bugged me for a while lol, and she taught me improv, which is my most important acting tool now. She used to always tell me I had a presence about me and should really consider it and that I had the talent. Didn’t really think much of it til several years later when I got a chance for my first little movie role with Swirl Films. They took me on and Eric Thomasunas (producer) brought me back for several of his films and really encouraged me keep going further.

Street Fame: What has been the hardest process of your career?

Young Gent: I would have to say being patient and trying to get people to believe in you and help make steps. This is a business where you need other people’s help to advance but sadly not many people wanna help you unless you are already somebody.

Street Fame: Which film has been the most meaningful to you? Were any of your roles so powerful and essential that it absolutely boosted your career?

Young Gent: I would say the most meaningful film for me would be one called “Dead Heist”. It wasn’t a big one but it was my first starring role and I remember filming for a whole month not even making that much but it was one of the happiest times of my life. I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world at that time. Even when I wasn’t shooting I was still on set soaking everything in. I actually felt in love with the experience. Well I have played a mentally challenged, homeless guy in a film called “27 Club” and it was extremely different from the normal characters I played. It was very challenging but under the direction of Erica Dunton, she really brought out the character. However, you already know how B.E.T. plays movies over and over (which im not mad at) so im currently known mostly for being crazy ass Carlton from Love For Sale.

Street Fame: Have you ever thought about writing your own scripts and then filming them?

Young Gent: Actually yeah and there are some things in the works for the future. I have my label BlockStar Music and will soon roll into BlockStar Films to create and produce some of my own projects. I am stepping into producer shoes soon on one of my next projects before that though.

Street Fame: I heard you have some filming deals in the works. Give me a run down on that.

Young Gent: Well we are trying to see about this Tyler Perry film that I have been rumored about so if that happens it will be very exciting. Also I have a project called “System” coming up soon that I cant wait to jump in. Also Im involved with developing a show currently titled “Breakdown” that I will be starring in about a group of renegade D.E.A. agents and some bigger deals that are still up in the air but when they are locked in you will hear more about it.

Street Fame: Oh yeah, you’re a recording artist too. How are you able to juggle the two?

Young Gent: Its actually really hard because both sides need so much attention and grind. Its just one of those situations where you are either built for it or you’re not. And a lot of sacrifice.

Street Fame: Give us an update on your music. Actually, I’d like to hear it! Any new mixtapes, singles, or a coming album?

Young Gent: Well we released a single called “Grown & Sexy” over seas and tested it in some cities here, which you can also check out at or Itunes. We had some good success and are planning to do a full release domestically by spring time with video and all. It is also off the album “The World Is Mine” which has 4 other singles. Once we finish up a deal with Interscope or one of the other interested parties then that album come out. Until then I am preparing to hit the studio to make my mixtape “Street Epic”. I got all my beats now and its time to hit the booth.

Street Fame: So what can we expect from you this year? Any tour plans in the works?

Young Gent: This year is just more movies and tv, and the big mixtape realease and celeb event and party hosting. Also the single and video going out and I expect the fans to really grab on to it so we will be out all over the US performing it. Im entertaining a few opportunities but as far as a tour right now would lock my schedule down making it hard to film and movie money is really good money so the tour would definitely have to be more lucrative then me filming.

Street Fame: If your fans want to stay connected with you, where can they hit you up at?

Young Gent: Well we just re did they myspace which is Im also at and im on facebook under Dominic Santana. I do personally respond to as many people as I can and love to hear from the people. For celeb party hosting or appearances and media info contact

The KING of Memphis

Yo Gotti

By: Brea’ Reliford

From the stomping grounds of Memphis, specifically the Ridge Crest housing projects area, one of the most underrated rap artists states “I’m not a Hollywood nigga... I fuck with whoever wanna make money.” Although Yo Gotti isn’t from the most pleasant upbringing, the crimes and gangster ridden neighborhoods had a huge affect on Gotti’s lyrics, causing labels to take notice and fans to demand him in their city. Gotti has always been a well rounded artist, releasing “reality music” and building his catalog. Hitting the streets with Life, Back 2 Da Basics, Full Time Hustlin’, and Cocaine Muzik, Gotti has given the world a more in depth view of the gangster lifestyle and what he’s personally been through in life. “Out of all the artists I’ve worked with, Gotti is my favorite. He doesn’t strike me as the typical down south rapper. Embracing the fact that Gotti is a different type of artist, I will continue to stand behind him. He is one of the realest niggas in the game. I remember when I promoted the Hypnotized Tour in ’08. Yo Gotti was one of the featured artists but his music wasn’t all over the radio yet. Now, that’s all I hear bumping. I believe that no matter how big Gotti gets, it won’t affect his ego. He knows where he came from and there is no denying. We are now working on the Live From The Kitchen Tour, the media response is ridiculous…our first conference call had over 200+ people on the line. So from the streets and media talking, we expect great results from the tour and album as a whole. It’s Gotti’s time,” states Brea’ Reliford, an intern for the Live From The Kitchen Tour. With a hugely successful career, Yo Gotti is now on the Live From The Kitchen Tour, promoting his newly released full-length album, Live From The Kitchen. The tour is hitting 14-15 cities (Atlanta, Baltimore, Little Rock, Knoxville, Chattanooga, St.Louis, Jacksonville, Orlando, Jackson, Mobile, Akron, Dayton, Nashville, Indianapolis), featuring rising Southern “phenom”, Waka Flocka, hosted by Bigga Rankin. “Waka Flocka is filling up venues as large as 1700 nightly and Gotti has been doing his thing on the numbers tip for sometime now so these two teaming up together creates a win-win situation everyone can appreciate and there will be more surprises to come,” explains Peppa Williams, CEO of Mouth of Tha South Management. As the King of Memphis continues to release hits such as “5 Star B*tch” and “Women Lie, Men Lie”, expect a sold out show when he comes to your city!

A Second Statement from Young K, Regarding Roscoe Dash

By Brea’ Reliford

What's really going on? Are you still managing Roscoe Dash? Has the rumors affected your relationship with Roscoe? Fill me in on the success of the promo tour.

Young K: Well, I’m going to start by saying regardless of what happened between the two of us Roscoe Dash and I will always remain family! But, I’m going to make everything clear …so basically I felt as if his current management Making Moves Inc. (MMI) was receiving all the credit for Roscoe Dash's success. In reality most of what was said in the article on blog sites such as and was the truth. Making Moves Inc. never supported us; instead they attempted to charge Roscoe Dash $300 (USD) to perform his single at Club Cali on a Saturday night. Once the record "All The Way Turnt Up" became #1 in Atlanta, they decided they wanted to help out. Now when Roscoe called me and said, "K, I have a meeting with MMI, and I’m about to sign a production deal with K.E." I was shocked and I said, "Don't do anything crazy, because we both know what kind of people they are". So we both agreed and continued on. During this time I had been receiving all kind of record deal and management deal offers for Roscoe, but he didn't want to sign with anyone at the time. Next thing you know I receive a phone call from Universal Records asking me if I was aware that Roscoe was going to New York to sign with Def Jam Records. I gave Roscoe a call and that's when he told me he was at Airport about to catch a flight to New York to sign with Atlantic Records. He happened to miss his flight to New York so that's when he signed with T.A. of Music Line and Def Jam Records along with Making Moves Inc. as his management and label. So when I heard he signed with MMI and brought them along I was speechless. At the end of the day it's his decision so I didn't argue about it I just let it be. So as time went on I constantly heard MMI saying, "Yea look where we got Roscoe Dash, we break records and artists" I felt as if I needed to let everyone know the truth about the ones that were really behind Roscoe's success! As of now Roscoe and I are still cool but he is no longer considered an artist under Get Money Entertainment. It's not only the rumors that concern me but it's also certain things that are being said to him by his current management to turn the both of against one another. Regardless of what's been said the ones that have been supporting Roscoe Dash (formally Atl) and I since 2007 know the truth and that's all that matters to me, because the ones that come after the success are known today as "Groupies"!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Size of Success

“Gabourey is getting a beating by the media”

by Brea’ Reliford

*** This story received placement in RocHarder Magazine

“I feel like a model. It justifies everyone in my life who told me I wouldn’t be anything until I lost weight. It justifies that little girl who cried because she didn’t think she could be in front of the camera. And it’s for other girls who feel like they’re not pretty and not worthy of having their photo taken,” explains ‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe. Although people are judged everyday, Gabourey is getting a verbal beating by the media. From Howard Stern saying “she’s the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen,” to Vogue Magazine calling her a “joke” in the fashion community. Gabourey Sidibe still speaks of how happy she is with the person she see’s in the mirror, something she decided on long time ago.

As Sidibe’s weight warrants a discussion on America’s obesity problem, the real question is: What does size have to do with success? How big was Mo’Nique when she was honored for the exact same film? Or how big was Jennifer Hudson when she took the prize for Dreamgirls? In reality, size has nothing to do with success! According to, a company trying to grab some attention for their weight loss system, Gabourey will never take home a golden statue until she sheds a few pounds. Is this ethical for the media to battle with Sidibe about the impossibility of her finding any work in Hollywood after ‘Precious’?

“I’ve never been a small girl. One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like, and what other people thought about my body”, Gabby said. Since the disturbing and obnoxious discussions that have occurred, Alice Ridley has been quick to defend her famous daughter. “She’s not like everyone else in the world. I don’t see him giving jobs out to anybody, so why should we care what he says?” she said. “He might not hire her, but someone else will.” According to “Actress Hollywood,” Sidibe is set to have a recurring part in Showtime’s new dark comedy series, ‘The Big C’, which also stars Laura Linney and Oliver Platt. It looks like Gabby will prove her opponents wrong. She is also lined up to appear opposite Zoe Kravitz in the drama ‘Yelling to the Sky’. As the media continues to stab at the confidence of Gabby, she will move forward with her acting career.

Questions still bubble up regarding her acting abilities and future in the entertainment industry, with people like Howard Stern saying, “she’s never going to be in another movie. She is not healthy. She is enormous.” Don’t achievements come in all sizes? Can you tell by looking at a person if they are healthy? Fat does not always equal disease, and thin does not always equal healthy. Discussing Gabby’s weight in response to Stern’s comments, Sidibe’s mother said, “He can see, you can see, I can see Gabby is a big girl. She’s a big woman, so what’s wrong with that?” Honestly, at the end of the day, big girls win Grammys, big girls win Oscars, and big girls with big roles shouldn’t have to win the respect that they deserve. We’re bigger than that.


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