Do you manage all the artists listed on your roster?
No. Black Royal Entertainment does not claim to represent itself as the management or the exclusive agent/representative to every artist on this website. Rather, we take pride in bringing you and the requested artist together and negotiating contracts in the best interest of both parties.

Where can I find a list of all the artists on your roster?
Our full artist roster can be sent upon request. Just email us at BlackRoyalEnt@gmail.com

How is an artist's price determined?

Artist booking fees are determined based on a number of factors and may change without notice. Such factors include: artist schedule, supply and demand, length of performance/presentation, location of event, venue capacity and other factors. For the most current fee, please contact your representative.

I only want the artist to make an appearance. Will the artist fee significantly come down in price?
In most cases, no. An artists who can command $30K for a full performance, typically will not forego $20K to take a $10K "appearance only" offer. An exception would be in the event that the artist is already performing in or near your city. In such a case, it may be possible to "piggy-back" your show on top of an already established gig. Newer artists are also an exception to this rule.

Why can't you give me an exact price quote?
There are several factors that prevent us from quoting an exact price. In many cases, artists will have different fees for local events (some will discount their fee), or may have different requirements for events located on the east coast vs. the west coast or international gigs. Also, some artists may charge different fees depending on whether it is “in-season” or during their off-season (i.e. celebrity hosts that star in television programming, athletes who currently play for a national team, or a music artist who is currently in production of a new project). Moreover, like any business, artist fees will fluctuate based on supply and demand. For example, if the artist or celebrity has a book on The New York Times Best Sellers list, launches a new television show, wins an Olympic Gold Medal or is involved in a major news worthy event, it is not unusual for their fees to change (sometimes dramatically) without notice due to increased demand and limited availability. Although we strive to maintain the most accurate and updated fee information, artist fees frequently change without notice. Please contact us with all of your event details and requirements and we will get you the most accurate fee directly from the artist or celebrity within 24 hours.

Will an artist accept a lower-priced fee if I offer a percentage of what I collect in ticket sales?
Typically no. Only in very rare cases, or in the event that you are booking rising talent, will this scenario ever play out. 99% of our contracts require pre-show secured financial commitments, and cannot be based on contingent ticket sales or fund raising.

If I submit an offer, how long will it take before you get back to me?

Once your offer/request has been received a booking agent will respond within 24 hours via email.

How does the artist booking process work?
After an offer has been submitted, an agent may provide you an "estimated" asking price of the artist or speaker requested. Should you be able to meet the minimum required financial commitments, an Artist Booking Retainer will be drafted for your review. Because we work directly with management, we will not be able to determine actual pricing, availability or interest in your offer until you: 1) Comply with our Offer Policy; 2) Sign and return our "Agency of Record Agreement; and 3) "Remit a 10% "Good Faith Binder" (these steps are further explained in our artist booking packet and are required for your request to be considered serious and that it has the required funding). Once a retainer has been signed and executed, Black Royal Entertainment will officially begin negotiations with management on your behalf. Should your offer be accepted, a contract will be generated between you and the artist requested. If your offer is denied, you may authorize Black Royal Entertainment to revise the offer, resubmit the offer to another artist, or issue a binder refund.

Why do I have to submit a binder just to receive pricing information?

Much like you, our agents do not work free. We receive hundreds of artist booking requests each day and it is necessary for us to differentiate serious buyers from those just seeking preliminary or pricing information. Because artist fees are so dynamic and can literally change from day to day, Black Royal Entertainment expends time and reputation to determine if the requested artist is interested in and available for your event or engagement. Thus, we require a 10% Good Faith Binder to determine actual fees, availability and interest level.

Is my binder refundable?
Yes. In the event that the requested artist is unavailable or your offer is not accepted by management, your binder is returned to you. However, Black Royal Entertainment reserves the right to charge a minimum 25% (50% for international offers) USD "Research and Negotiations" fee for each offer submitted on your behalf.

How long will it take for my binder to be returned to me?
Domestic binders are typically refunded within 5-7 business days of submission. International binders are typically refunded within 10-15 business days.