Friday, August 20, 2010

"Make It Work" (Strip Club Anthem) - Yo Gotti

Attention!!! Strip Club DJs & Dancers....

"Make It Work" (Strip Club Anthem) Lets Make It Storm!!!!

Hurricane Chris back with new single "A1 (Jazzy Chick)"

If interested in a radio promo show, interview, etc. with recording artist "Hurricane Chris", please feel free to contact me via email or phone (513)828-5728. Also, if this press release is posted on your site, please send me a link.


Press Contact
Contact: Brea’ Reliford
Phone: (513) 828-5728

Hurricane Chris back with new single “A1 (Jazzy Chick)”

As we gear towards the end of Summer, new single “A1 (Jazzy Chick)” is on it’s way to re-establishing the Hurricane Chris brand in the Urban, Hip Hop and crossover realms that he once held. With a catchy beat and catchy hook, it’s a song that’s crafted perfectly for radio and club rotation. The definition of an “A1 (Jazzy Chick)” is pretty straight forward, as Hurricane Chris explains: “Top of the line A1 yella bone jazzy know she got her own...she fly and all that. I know I said yella bone in the hook but its for all colors. I just got a thang for a A1 yella bone.” Showing nothing but optimism, the Shreveport native is back on the scene and ready to hit both kids and adults again with the ‘Ratchet’ flavor.

With his lyrical prowess, uncanny freestyling ability and talent for creating club bangers, there is no denying - Hurricane Chris is more than just a simple radio rapper. “You don’t see too many actress endorsing artist songs on national television. You don’t see too many artist being active and giving back to the community. How often do you hear a record becoming the #1 anthem to saluting beautiful women? In the case of Hurricane Chris, this situation is extremely different”, explains the rapper’s publicist.

The capable hitmaker is gearing up to take it back to the days off “A Bay Bay”, “Hand Clap” and “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)”. This time around it’s destined to be better. “Right now I’m going hard on the mixtape pandemonium and getting ready to release “Louisianimal Vol. 3” hosted by DJ Breeze, DJ Woogie and Evil Empire. Also, the release of my new single “A1 (Jazzy Chick)” feat. Kaliko and “Coke Bottle” feat. Dorrough, explains Hurricane Chris. Known for receiving astounding radio play and reaching over 56 million listeners, this Louisiana rapper will continue with his ‘Ratchet’ movement by feeding fans the high energy and voltage that they love. “I go crazy in my music and on stage. I don’t hold back nothing.” With the return of the young lyricist, the world will be re-introduced to his signature ‘Ratchet’ flavor as they rock to “A1 (Jazzy Chick)”!

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