Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Winner of I Want To Work For Diddy 2: Ebony Jones

Written by: Brea’ Reliford

Street Fame: What inspired you to want to work for Diddy? Most people aren't as brave as you. He intimidates a lot of folks.

Ebony Jones: I’ve followed Bad Boy since I was a young girl. I’ve followed all the artists and the growth of the brand. It has always been my dream to be apart of something bigger than me. Bad Boy and Mr. Combs is that something for me.

Street Fame: Since the departure from your teaching career, how has things changed?

Ebony Jones: My life is totally different! Teaching was safe for me. Now I am truly forced to operate outside my safe box. I am living my dream but it is a lot of work!!!

Street Fame: Were you embarrassed that the school, your family, and your church watched the show?

Ebony Jones: I was in no way embarrassed but naturally I want to protect my family. I feel in no way did I compromise my integrity or misrepresent so to everyone else, I just say "don't judge me." LOL. My mom laughs when I say that. She is very traditional and dislikes my tattoos, my football, and my sometimes aggressive choice of words; but she believes in me.

Street Fame: Do you feel like your looked at any different now that your past has been revealed?

Ebony Jones: Surprisingly enough, no! I have a relationship with Christ that forgives and moves on. My story is complex but it’s from an honest place and people see that. The things that have evolved from the show are bigger than me. I am real. I went to the show because I had a dream. This is what real hustling looks like!!!

Street Fame: How were you able to set yourself apart from the other cast members? What put you in the lead?

Ebony Jones: I believe a lot of the other cast set out to portray themselves a certain way and with cameras on you 18 hrs a day its hard to be that all the time if that's not who you really are. I believe no mistakes were made in picking the winner. Yes, anyone in the house could have got the job. Everyone individually had their own accomplishments that deemed them worthy; but, I was the best fit.

Street Fame: Do you see yourself working with any of the cast members in the near future?

Ebony Jones: I enjoyed Dalen. His creativity and style are impeccable. I would love to work with him in the future. He is great!

Street Fame: Was this experience the most intimidating you've ever had?

Ebony Jones: This entire experience was challenging and it pushed me but I'm never intimidated. Meeting Mr. Combs and the very accomplished panel of judges I was humbled. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who has earned what they have through hard work. I am better today because of the experience.

Street Fame: How were you able to deal with someone being in charge of you? You’re an adult yourself. Was it difficult playing that position?

Ebony Jones: For me it was hard taking direction from other cast members. Life experience has taught me unless you are the boss of your self; you are going to have to answer to someone. I’ve learned that respect, long-suffering, and forgiveness are the tools I use when I feel offended or disrespected, because there were times I felt disrespected! I know who I am and I know people who abuse their authority to demoralize others have bigger issues than me.

Street Fame: What advice can you give to future cast members? What should be their strengths?

Ebony Jones: Future cast members, the biggest advice I give is be yourself!!! Be genuine, be creative, and be a team player.

Street Fame: Now that you've achieved the title as the winner of I Want to Work for Diddy 2, is there anything you wish you could go back and change?

Ebony Jones: I wouldn't change a thing! My story defines me.

Street Fame: What is your goal?

Ebony Jones: My goal is to pursue my life's dream. First and foremost I am going to Bad Boy to work hard!!!! LOL. I will share my story in depth with the world. I want to go into schools, shelters; colleges, youth groups, and any other platform to make sure my people are informed and aware. This isn't the finish line for me.

Street Fame: Do you currently have a management team or booking agent?

Ebony Jones: Yes but not exclusive.

Street Fame: Are you looking to get booked for any appearances or speaking engagements in the near future?

Ebony Jones: I am wide open for appearances and speaking engagements.

Street Fame: So what can we expect from you this year? Any sponsorships, endorsement deals, book writing, etc?

Ebony Jones: In 2010 I am focusing on going to Bad Boy and making an impression. I will work hard and tirelessly. But this isn't the last you've heard of me!!!


  1. Ebony Jones = total babe :)
    wishing her the best in everything she does

  2. She seems like a very down to earth person! Beautiful inside and out

  3. i worked with her, she is ABSOLUTELY a beautiful person. I can't say enough great things about her. THe most genuine woman i've ever met, and she gives the best HUGS!

  4. OMG yessssssss! her hugs are super tight and long! i've also worked with her and she is absolutely the best! Very understandable, down to earth and down right HILARIOUS!

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