Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Second Statement from Young K, Regarding Roscoe Dash

By Brea’ Reliford

What's really going on? Are you still managing Roscoe Dash? Has the rumors affected your relationship with Roscoe? Fill me in on the success of the promo tour.

Young K: Well, I’m going to start by saying regardless of what happened between the two of us Roscoe Dash and I will always remain family! But, I’m going to make everything clear …so basically I felt as if his current management Making Moves Inc. (MMI) was receiving all the credit for Roscoe Dash's success. In reality most of what was said in the article on blog sites such as and was the truth. Making Moves Inc. never supported us; instead they attempted to charge Roscoe Dash $300 (USD) to perform his single at Club Cali on a Saturday night. Once the record "All The Way Turnt Up" became #1 in Atlanta, they decided they wanted to help out. Now when Roscoe called me and said, "K, I have a meeting with MMI, and I’m about to sign a production deal with K.E." I was shocked and I said, "Don't do anything crazy, because we both know what kind of people they are". So we both agreed and continued on. During this time I had been receiving all kind of record deal and management deal offers for Roscoe, but he didn't want to sign with anyone at the time. Next thing you know I receive a phone call from Universal Records asking me if I was aware that Roscoe was going to New York to sign with Def Jam Records. I gave Roscoe a call and that's when he told me he was at Airport about to catch a flight to New York to sign with Atlantic Records. He happened to miss his flight to New York so that's when he signed with T.A. of Music Line and Def Jam Records along with Making Moves Inc. as his management and label. So when I heard he signed with MMI and brought them along I was speechless. At the end of the day it's his decision so I didn't argue about it I just let it be. So as time went on I constantly heard MMI saying, "Yea look where we got Roscoe Dash, we break records and artists" I felt as if I needed to let everyone know the truth about the ones that were really behind Roscoe's success! As of now Roscoe and I are still cool but he is no longer considered an artist under Get Money Entertainment. It's not only the rumors that concern me but it's also certain things that are being said to him by his current management to turn the both of against one another. Regardless of what's been said the ones that have been supporting Roscoe Dash (formally Atl) and I since 2007 know the truth and that's all that matters to me, because the ones that come after the success are known today as "Groupies"!


  1. I dont believe you

  2. Awww its so nice to see them two grown up and still friends!