Sunday, April 18, 2010

The KING of Memphis

Yo Gotti

By: Brea’ Reliford

From the stomping grounds of Memphis, specifically the Ridge Crest housing projects area, one of the most underrated rap artists states “I’m not a Hollywood nigga... I fuck with whoever wanna make money.” Although Yo Gotti isn’t from the most pleasant upbringing, the crimes and gangster ridden neighborhoods had a huge affect on Gotti’s lyrics, causing labels to take notice and fans to demand him in their city. Gotti has always been a well rounded artist, releasing “reality music” and building his catalog. Hitting the streets with Life, Back 2 Da Basics, Full Time Hustlin’, and Cocaine Muzik, Gotti has given the world a more in depth view of the gangster lifestyle and what he’s personally been through in life. “Out of all the artists I’ve worked with, Gotti is my favorite. He doesn’t strike me as the typical down south rapper. Embracing the fact that Gotti is a different type of artist, I will continue to stand behind him. He is one of the realest niggas in the game. I remember when I promoted the Hypnotized Tour in ’08. Yo Gotti was one of the featured artists but his music wasn’t all over the radio yet. Now, that’s all I hear bumping. I believe that no matter how big Gotti gets, it won’t affect his ego. He knows where he came from and there is no denying. We are now working on the Live From The Kitchen Tour, the media response is ridiculous…our first conference call had over 200+ people on the line. So from the streets and media talking, we expect great results from the tour and album as a whole. It’s Gotti’s time,” states Brea’ Reliford, an intern for the Live From The Kitchen Tour. With a hugely successful career, Yo Gotti is now on the Live From The Kitchen Tour, promoting his newly released full-length album, Live From The Kitchen. The tour is hitting 14-15 cities (Atlanta, Baltimore, Little Rock, Knoxville, Chattanooga, St.Louis, Jacksonville, Orlando, Jackson, Mobile, Akron, Dayton, Nashville, Indianapolis), featuring rising Southern “phenom”, Waka Flocka, hosted by Bigga Rankin. “Waka Flocka is filling up venues as large as 1700 nightly and Gotti has been doing his thing on the numbers tip for sometime now so these two teaming up together creates a win-win situation everyone can appreciate and there will be more surprises to come,” explains Peppa Williams, CEO of Mouth of Tha South Management. As the King of Memphis continues to release hits such as “5 Star B*tch” and “Women Lie, Men Lie”, expect a sold out show when he comes to your city!

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